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A deep and authentic experience to the Heart

Offering Cacao Ceremonies in Perth, Western Australia continuously since 2010


Willow and Catherine Francis have been working with plant medicine in ceremony together since they met in 2008. They first worked with Cacao in this context in Guatemala in December 2010 and have been holding regular Ceremonies with Cacao ever since, with the intention of supporting individuals to re-connect with their heart, their core values and to be still whilst in a circle of others doing the same. The chemical constituents of cacao support concentration and focus, a sense of wellbeing, relaxation, a connection to the senses, personal insight and an authentic communion with one’s own heart and heart’s intelligence.

Sound Technology

We incorporate a blend of leading edge brainwave synchronizing technologies including sound engineering from The Monroe Institute (Spacial Angle Modulation) and IAwake Technologies as well alpha, theta and delta synchronizing frequencies.

All to assist the brain to slow down to the deeper rhythms normally only accessible to those very experienced in meditation or trance work.

When the brain rhythms start to slow, down our awareness shifts and we become more open to perceiving life in a different way. Many experience enhanced creativity, inspiration, self-reflection, self-healing and deep relaxation with the support of the sound technology.

Time stills in these altered states and we can become more present, relating to ourselves anew.

Combining this technology with evocative and eclectic music and singing, including soaring female vocals, overtone singing, wide ambient soundscapes and traditional indigenous music, we are able to facilitate a unique and powerful inner journey.


Ceremony adds richness, connection, depth and meaning to our experience of life. It is a label that describes a concentration of intent and attention where we consciously create richer moments. 

“Ceremony is more beneficial for human continuity than any machine or technological development” Thomas Moore

About the facilitators

Willow Francis has over three decades of experience working both in the mainstream healthcare profession (nursing and paramedics) as well as the more holistic and spiritually focused health modalities, including a long history facilitating meditation. He is one of HeartMath Australia’s most respected trainers and supports individuals to emotionally self-regulate and re-align with their core values and deeper wisdom. He also works closely with Cacao, teaches individuals to access the out-of-body state through The Lucid State Academy and co-directs The Self-Kindness Project and Reverence Events with Catherine.

Willow brings his solid, grounded, compassionate and playful personality to all the events he is involved in.

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Catherine Francis has two decades of experience in multiple fields in healthcare and the humanities. Working as a Physiotherapist, Catherine’s experience took her to the areas of burns, community paediatrics and those living with disability. She is a licenced trainer with The HeartMath Institute, works with the plant teacher Cacao, supports the development of innovative and meaningful programs in the disability sector and co-facilitates meditation and ceremonial events with Willow . 

She is currently the Director of Reverence Events and The Self Kindness Project – supporting individuals to reconnect with their deeper heart wisdom through evidence-based tools and techniques that reduce stress, change emotional reactions and build practical access to heart intelligence. 

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