While the ancient Mayans and Aztecs may be the best known for using cacao in
ceremony, there are some remaining traditional cultures in Central and
South America who continue to use Cacao in shamanic ceremony,
many preferring it over locally available consciousness-altering plant
medicines. Although one of this worldʼs finest spiritual facilitators/teachers,
Cacao was forgotten because it does not act like other mind-alterants – it does
not confront you with your shadows, but instead adds focus and energy to your intention.

Our ceremonies are based in South Fremantle, Western Australia. We provide a safe and beautiful space for your experience.

When you arrive, you will immediately notice that the space that has been meticulously prepared – it is pristine, beautiful and still.

Over 3 hours we then utilise the cacao, gently supportive processes to assist you to still your mind and connect with the heart. We then use leading edge brain balancing music technology with an eclectic soundscape to facilitate your journey through the afternoon.

During the afternoon you have the opportunity to connect with all the stories of the heart and remember your true self and your humanity. It is place to be free of all the outside distractions and the responsibilities of all the roles you take on in your life…a time to not be a mother, father, friend, partner and to just sit with you – that precious self.