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Transit - A Soma-Acoustic Journey - Saturday 7th Sept

Date: September 6, 2019

Start Time: 8:00 am
End Time: 11:00 am


Join us at the YOGALAB. This centre is set in the heart of Fremantle in a beautifully converted 1920's warehouse. Perched above The Raw Kitchen on the mezzanine level, YOGALAB is 200sqm of serene open space with solid jarrah floors, white brick walls, pitched ceilings and open arms to welcome you.

Transit: An immersive inner cellular journey incorporating a blend of ceremonial cacao and leading edge brainwave syncronizing technologies including sound engineering from the Monroe Institute (Spacial Angle Modulation) and iAWAKE as well as alpha, theta and delta synchronizing frequencies. Let all of this sound come to life on YOGALAB's 10 speaker digital surround sound system - all to assist the brain to slow down to the deeper rhythms normally only accessible to those very experienced in meditation.

When the brain rhythms start to slow, our awareness shifts and we become more open to perceiving life in a different way. Many experience enhanced creativity, inspiration, self-reflection, self-healing and deep relaxation with the support of the sound technology. Time stills in these altered states and we can become more present, relating to ourselves anew.

Time: 4-7pm

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