Our Cacao Ceremonies are held throughout Australia. 

From local ceremonies in our home town of Fremantle, to larger festival and community projects nationally (and internationally if required).

Please contact us if you feel that this offering would support your community arts project, festival, group or staff. 

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Cacao Ceremony - Sunday 3rd May 2020

Date: May 2, 2020


Join a group of fellow grounded spiritual travellers. We welcome anyone who has an earnest desire to feel some peace, to find some wisdom and to express some care. Care for themselves, care for those around them and care for the life they find themselves living. Sitting together with this intention, with glorious music, powerful sound signals and the majesty of cacao is a beautiful spot to share.

Located in South Fremantle. 1.30pm - 4.45pm.


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If you are undergoing chemotherapy, have epilepsy or are on high levels of anti-depressants you will not be able to attend this event.

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